The Lindy Hoppers Band

The band is formed by 7 musicians of recognized experience in the world of music and jazz. The members include: vocalist Mireia Feliu, trumpeter Juan de Diego, clarinet player Oriol RomanĂ­ pianist Roger Mas, guitarist David A. Garcia, double bass player David Mengual and drummer Roger Gutierrez.

The Lindy Hoppers Band is a swing band created in 2016. The repertoire include themes from the 30s and 40s, of soloists and orchestras from the swing period such as Count Basie, Duke Ellington or Benny Goodman.

The Lindy Hoppers Band unites three of the most important jazz traditions of the 20th century. Firstly,
there is the tradition of New Orleans jazz and classical jazz in the styles of our country by Oriol RomanĂ­, one of the most genuine clarinettists. Secondly, there is the era of the vocal swing with its great singers, sung with the warmth and great vocal work by Mireia Feliu. Thirdly, there is most modern jazz by the hands of Juan de Diego, leader of the Catalan scene in this style for the last 20 years. To these three struts we add, the firmness of the rhythmic base of David Mengual, one of the most outstanding creators in the Catalan jazz scene and David A. Garcia to the guitar and Xevi Matamala to the drums, that link the three styles and give internal coherence to the project.

In a project that gathers the best of the different jazz styles of the first third of the 20th century, The Lindy Hoppers Band travels through different eras of jazz history and does not leave the public indifferent.

The Lindy Hoppers Band has specialized in music for Lindy Hop Balboa and Blues dancers. Its concerts have always been characterized by the connection with them. Since some of the band members also dance, they adapt the music to the dance by combining the different tempos, adapting the duration of the themes etc ... allowing both dancers and non-dancers to fully enjoy the show.

The format of The Lindy Hoppers Band to its fullest extent is a septet but we also work with simpler bands. The options can be the following:

Trio with vocal, piano and double bass.
Trio with guitar, a wind instrument (clarinet or trumpet), double bass.
Quartet with vocal, guitar or piano, a wind instrument (clarinet or trumpet) and double bass.
Quintet with vocal, guitar or piano, a wind instrument (clarinet or trumpet), double bass and drums.
Sextet with vocal, guitar or piano, trumpet, clarinet, double bass and drums.
Septet with vocal, guitar, piano, trumpet, clarinet, double bass and drums.
Or any other option.
Request a new combination and we will respond!